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Digital Design



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  • This course is self-paced
  • The class runs for 6 weeks (28 days of lessons) with videos, lesson, and class notes. There are a total of 19 videos in this class.
  • Syllabus is available for download now: DOWNLOAD THE DIGITAL DESIGN SYLLABUS
  • This class is filmed in Illustrator CS5. It is ideal for CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and Cloud. 


Digital Design is an intermediate to advanced online course to teach students good design theory and practical techniques for creating digital scrapbooking kits. There are 28 lessons that are meant to be done over 6 weeks (about 4-5 lessons a week). Learn from someone who has designed and STILL designs digital scrapbooking products. 

course objectives
+ To build more functional, aesthtically pleasing digital kits
+ To develop a personal marketing plan
+ To create a full collection of digial kits by the end of the five weeks
+ To recieve feedback and make adjustments to kits accordingly
+ To develop a design vocabulary
+ To become aware of design theory concepts
+ To further develop a personal style
+ To develop a faster workflow


I help you build an entire 6 kit collection through this course. Because it is self-paced, you can take as long or as little time as you need to design you collection. Students in the past have noted that the first 3 lessons alone are worth the price of the class. The building brushes video is one of my favorites and gives you an inside look at how I accomplish the distressed look on my papers. There is A LOT of material covered in this course with the sole purpose of helping YOU complete an entire collection that you can sell at a digital scrapbooking store.

Great digital scrapbooking designers very often make the transition into other mediums and there is a week of business related topics that I touch on to help you begin your business.



week 1—Texture and Your First Paper Set
day 1 Financial strategies of building a collection, creating a preview and logo for the collection, & deciding on a theme.
day 2 Setting up your folders and filing system & developing your color scheme
day 3 How to build the best brush and texture overlays | Creating a paper template for your collection
day 4 Create a Textured 12 x 12 paper
day 5 Building Paper Kit 1, Workflow, rules for a balaced paper and kit

week 2—Types of Papers
day 6 Building patterns from clipart | Gestalt Principles
day 7 Building asymmetrical papers 
day 8 Designing your own artwork (vs. the clipart route)
day 9 Review principles and rules | Build a layout

week 3—Design Theory and Your 2nd and 3rd Paper Sets
day 10 Form Follows Function
day 11 Building a second paper set that coordinates perfectly
day 12 Good, bad, better papers and kits | Unification of kits
day 13 Test Your Knowledge 
day 14 Building your third paper kit  (demonstration)| Continue work on your 2nd kit

week 4 —Elements Part 1
day 15 Building Element Sets - the in’s and out’s     
day 16 Workflow on elements -Illustrator and Photoshop
day 17 Building a tag set efficiently
day 18 Sticker elements and rules of drop shadows

week 5—Elements Part 2
day 19 Word Art  and Typography Musts
day 20 Building frames from clipart
day 21 Element review and layout building | Function vs. Form
day 22 Workflow for your collection-An overview

week 6 —The Business
day 23 Business Taxes
day 24 Building Your Marketing Plan 
day 25 Moving into other mediums. Luck vs. Hard Work | Building a Paper Collection from digital work
day 26 Moving into fabric 
day 27 Copyright from a legal perspective 
day 28 Overview



Once you have purchased this course, you will receive a link to a zip download to all the coursework.


Carina Gardner has a Ph.D. in Design from the University of Minnesota. She also taught at the University of Minnesota Typography, Introduction to Graphic Design, Packaging Design, and Design Theory. Carina owns Carina Gardner, Inc, her design firm, and MiniLou, a kids toy company. She is the Creative Director of Carta Bella Paper Company. Carina also designs scrapbooking, home décor, fabric, diecutting, and digital scrapbooking products.


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