Terms of Use

Please read our terms of use before using our site.

Personal Use License:

By using a digital download product from Snap Click Supply Co. you have entered into a license agreement. Your use of the digital download product indicates your agreement to the terms and conditions of this license agreement.

All designs were created by and are owned by the designers on snapclicksupply.com. These designers own all copyrights to all previews, elements, papers, images, brushes, graphics and any other property included in the download you have purchased. By downloading a file you agree to the following terms of use.

You May:

Modify, resize, recolor and otherwise use the files for PERSONAL use only.

Submit and profit from layouts to be published in magazines with proper credit given to the designer of the product purchased.

Post your layouts in any gallery with proper credit given to the designer of the product used.

Use these graphics to design your own personal blog header as long as you do not use
the blog header for commercial purposes.

You May Not:

Claim our designs as your own or alter the graphics to create derivative work(s) and
then claim then as your own.

Share or redistribute these graphics in any way, shape, or form at any time.

Use these files for commercial use or gain without our permission.

Use these for any other web design without our permission.

Copy these files for reasons other than back-up purposes.

Use images/graphics to disseminate violence, hate, discrimination or pornography or
any other use prohibited by law.

Limited Commercial Use License:

Not all of our designers offer commercial use license on their products. Those that do offer commercial use license may not offer them on all the products in their store. Please read the description of each product to see if a commercial license is available. If a commercial license is available, one license must be purchased per product.

You may:

Use the product for the design of brochures, websites, banners, letterhead and related general business promotional items.

Use the product by a single artist in the production of completed, handmade, unique physical items that are created for personal sale by the artist, provide the components used are not provided, displayed, or position in a way that would facilitate digital piracy or infringement of the designer's copyright.

You may not:

Resell any of the products or the templates as they exists or in layered designs, or flattened PNG files.

You may not resell any of the designs as part of your own works or as they exist to any retailer, photographer, designer or customer.

Use for templates or pre-made pages for publication or sale on etsy, eBay, or directly to anyone or call them your own works.

In addition, this license does not allow for the production or distribution of the product, or the products components, in any physical or digital manner, including, but not limited to templates, paper, class kits, stickers, or other crafting products.

The product may not be used in any commercial production of another embellishment product for any industry.

Limited Liability

Snap Click Supply Co. and the designers on this site shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of the materials included in your purchase. The purchaser agrees to indemnify Snap Click Supply Co. and the designers on this site from any loss or damage incurred by Snap Click Supply Co. and the designers on this site as a result of the purchaser’s use of the materials included in this purchase.

Modifications of Terms

Snap Click Supply Co. shall have the right to modify the terms of this Agreement at any time, which modification shall be effective immediately and shall replace all prior agreements.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the terms of use for the products on snapclicksupply.com, you may contact us at customerservice@snapclicksupply.com.