Alphanac - Alphabet Rub-Ons & Brush Set

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I absolutely love Alphanac because it grew out of my childhood memories of summer afternoons when I had all day to sit in our home library and read through all the books I could get my hands on.

Alphanac is a delightful pack of vintage uppercase alphabet letters plus basic punctuation (ampersand, a dot and a comma which can be put to work as other punctuation by combining them), and each letter has been scanned and carefully extracted with loving attention to detail.

Each letter / symbol comes in individual black rub-ons that are more than 1 inch tall (and very easy to resize!), and all the letters also come in a transparent .png full sheet as well as in a complete brush set. The rub-ons are easy to recolor and the stamps allow you to choose your letter size and colors right off the bat.

This alpha pack is so versatile, you can totally use them on their own (they make great monograms) or combine them to form words, titles, and more! Use them to add warm nostalgia and a classy look to not only your layouts but also your cards, photos (they make great overlays), hybrid projects, and practically anything and everything you can think of!

* All items have been saved at a maximum resolution of 300ppi for the best print quality.

* All items come in a complete brush set (.abr format) and in transparent (.png format) individual letter files as well as a full sheet of the pack, compatible with all the major software programs

liv.edesigns Alphanac - Alphabet Rub-Ons & Brush Set

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