Booklovers Delight - Bookplate Collection

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Do you love books? Are your scrapbook albums precious treasures? Are your journals almost like your best friends? Does the sun rise every morning? :) Yes! Yes! Yes!

Here's just what you need to put your personal touch on these beloved "papery" friends of ours! My Booklovers Delight is a huge collection of 60 printable bookplates in darling vintage designs, perfect for adding your name (or your child's name, or your family's name, or your friends' names... you get the picture) to your books, scrapbook albums, journals, and more!

Included in this collection are two full sets of vintage bookplates. Each set:

  • comes in 2 sizes: the standard size (3in x 4in) which fits almost all books, and the small size (1.5in x 2in) for the little books and booklets
  • comes in 3 different backgrounds: classic, aged, and antique
  • comes in 5 beautiful vintage designs
  • comes with 2 different labels: "From the Library of" and "Ex Libris" (which is Latin for "From the Library of" :D)

These bookplates come in .jpeg format, ready for you to print on adhesive paper (or plain paper with glue, if you're into glue ;) ). I've done all the major work for you, so that all you have to do is write your name (using your favorite font or by hand to give your bookplates an even more personal flair), print them out, and attach lovingly to every book, journal, diary, and album that you can get your hands on.

Oh, and these make great gifts too for your book-lovin' friends! And for your scrapping buddies! And for your budding little readers! And for your children, and your children's friends and their parents!

I hope you find many wonderful uses for these printable bookplates!

* all items are in .jpeg format

* all items created at 300 ppi for superior print quality

Booklovers Delight - Bookplate Collection

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