Brushed Frames (Rub-Ons & Brushes)

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Don't you wish you could paint frames around your awesome photos yet dread the thought of ruining those photos with unwanted water drips (not to mention having to deal with the messy clean-up after)?

Now you can get delicious hand-painted frames on your creations with my Brushed Frames, and with zero worries too! All the frames here have been handpainted by me with real paint on watercolor paper, then lovingly extracted and digitized so that you get only the best and most realistic frames in your hands. The frames vary in size but they are all large (some are even 8 inches!), and very easy to resize to smaller versions. They come in both black frames (very easy to recolor) as well as ready-made colored frames. And if you want your own colors on your frames, that's no problem either, because these frames come in a complete brush set that allow you to stamp away in any color and size you desire. How wonderful is that?

You'll find that these brushed frames are super-versatile and can be used for everything: from layouts to cards to art journaling pieces and more. Use them one at a time or layer them on top of each other, play around with the opacities and blending modes, use them to frame your photos or to house your journaling, or even to call attention to one area of a larger photo, and so much more. Really, only the reaches of the imagination are the limit when it comes to the stuff you can do with these frames.


  • 10 black rub-on frames (easy to recolor) in transparent .png format
  • 10 color-coordinated rub-on frames in transparent .png format
  • a complete brush set of all the frames in .abr format, so you can stamp in any color and size that you wish

Go ahead and grab this pack, and you're guaranteed to have a wonderful time playing with these frames!

* All items have been created at a maximum resolution of 300ppi for the best print quality.

* This is a digital download product; no actual product will be mailed to you (so you get your goodies immediately instead of waiting for FedEx to come around the corner ;) ).

liv.edesigns Brushed Frames (Rub-Ons & Brushes) make it easy for you to frame your awesome photos with an awesome hand-painted look!

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