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Do you wish you could give your photos a warm, gentle look? Don't you just adore the retro look that's such a hit now? You could certainly give that wonderful look to your photos within an editing program following a long series of steps... or you could simply hit a button and watch your photo take on that coveted creamy retro look!

That power to transform images with one click of a button is exactly what my Buttercream Dreams Photography Action gives you,  and I am so excited to share with you my very first action designed for images! Whether you're a photography enthusiast, a blogger who likes to post photos, or a memory keeper who takes pride in documenting precious moments: this action is one you'll love to have in your cache of supplies and tools!


Buttercream Dreams is a five-action bundle designed to work on photographs within full-version Photoshop. In this single bundle, you get:

  • Buttercream - gives your photo a warm look and gets rid of harsh shadows while allowing you to tweak how the action works on your particular photo
  • Buttercream Retro Grit - adds fine grain to your photo to give it that "real-film" photograph look
  • Buttercream Dream - gives a hazy airy look to your photo (and allows you to control the amount as well as the parts that you wish to apply the airy look to)
  • Vignette Effect - gives a great focus to the focal point of your images (and fully-controllable by you!)
  • Buttercream Retro Dream - the full complete action that allows you to get all the above effects in a jiffy with just one click, yet allows you to customize it each step of the way


  1. The full action works quickly and easily, giving an instant look to your photo (just click and the action does the rest of the work for you!). But because each photo is different, it also allows you to tweak each component effect to get the best look for each photo you edit.
  2. Each of the other four component actions allow you to apply separate effects to your photos, if you'd rather take just one aspect of the full action. For example, you have a photo that you've already edited but would love to add just a little warmth to, then you'd use the Buttercream action on its own. Or if all your photo needs is just a bit of grain, then you would use just the Buttercream Retro Grit action. So it's like getting 5 different actions in one bundle; how awesome is that!
  3. Each of the component actions also allows you to tweak and customize each effect to fit your photo's needs perfectly.

PLEASE NOTE: This action is designed to work on full-version Photoshop only. It has been tested with Photoshop CS4 and later. Because the actions use commands that are present only in full-version Photoshop, it will not work as designed for Photoshop Elements or other programs. Please do not purchase this product if you are not using full-version Photoshop CS4 and above.

* NOTE: This is a digital download product; no actual physical product will be shipped to you. 

liv.edesigns / liv.eimages Buttercream Dreams - A lovely creamy retro action for Full-Version Photoshop!

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Written by Shaun Roos on 15th Mar 2022

Fun and Creative Designs

These designs are way cool and will give my photos a rustic look. I can't wait to use them in my next scapbook project. It comes with design files and full instructions!