In the News - 01

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I think it's incredibly important to stay connected with dear friends and family despite the distance that separates us. Now you have the opportunity to share the latest and greatest with your loved ones with my In the News templates!

This multi-layered template gives you everything you need to keep friends and family updated! Each template is 8.5x11-in and includes outlined photo masks to make it easy for you to clip those adorable photos to, some taped frames with distressed photo masks, text boxes for you to write the latest news, borders for text boxes, and space to write captions and quotes or call-outs.

These templates are so versatile, they allow you to customize them to your heart's content! Get creative with the newsletter name ("News from the Sprague Home"? "The Life and Times of Bob & Jana"?) and add the month or year or specific date under your edition name (Holiday Edition? Halloween Edition? Back-to-School Edition?).

You can include these when you send those once-a-year Christmas cards to your relatives and friends, along with your Christmas card! (Or this can even be your Christmas card!). Or you can also pull in the entire template onto your 12x12 layout to lend it that chic, newspaper-y feeling!

In the News templates are so easy to use! Just add your photos and your text and let the template do the rest of the job for you!

So go ahead: personalize it and have fun!

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NOTE: You may want to check out the other In the News templates. There is also an In the News Template Pack, which carries the first three different templates (In the News #s 01, 02, 03) to fit all your photo and text needs.

In the News - 01

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