itoons Comic Bubbles

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Comic strips have such a fun aura, and a big part of that is the bubbles that decorate them. Naturally, my itoons Collection would not be complete without comic bubbles!

My itoons Comic Bubbles give you everything you will ever need to hold your text and words in fun comic fashion! Need to record conversations or add some funny comments? No worries, this pack has 10 speech bubbles for you to fill in with words and conversations. Need to record thoughts that aren't said out loud? This pack has 5 thought bubbles to help you do just that! Need to add in some narration as you tell the background story of your precious moments captured? We've got you covered with 9 different text bubbles!

Each of the 24 comic bubbles in this pack has been hand-doodled by me and then extracted lovingly for your use. They come in basic white which is never boring: each one has a delightfully subtle halftone pattern that oozes with realistic comic book appeal! And if you prefer colored bubbles, these white bubbles are really easy to recolor.

Get even more mileage out of the comic bubbles by flipping and rotating them. Use them in your comic-inspired layouts, or even use them on top of photos to add in funny conversational gambits. You can also use them as photo masks. Truly, they are so versatile and fun to use!

NOTE: These comic bubbles perfectly coordinate with the papers, template, and other elements in my itoons Collection

* all items have been saved at a maximum resolution of 300ppi for the best print quality

* all bubbles come in transparent .png format

itoons Comic Bubbles

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