Lil Bugaboo Kit

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Lil Bugaboo was inspired by my five sons and their fascination with crawlers and flutterers... (I'm not crazy about bugs myself, but I love drawing them!). This kit is perfect for documenting not only boys and bugs, but also things that bug us, little and adventures, and just about anything that fascinates the children around us and the children within us!


  • 12 deliciously textured 12x12 Solid Papers (each one individually designed; no recolored papers here)
  • 10 fabulously patterned 12x12 Patterned Papers (each one individually designed; no recolored papers here either)
  • a humongous pack of 67 hand-drawn and hand-painted then extracted and digitized little buggies (crawlers, flutterers, little footprints and trails, and their homes) - includes 28 pre-shadowed rub-on versions with a special glow-shadow effect

If you prefer to get certain packs only instead of the entire kit, they are available too (Check out The Buggies Vol. 1, The Buggies Vol. 2, The Buggies (Bundled Vol.1 and 2), Lil Bugaboo Solid Papers, and Lil Bugaboo Patterned Papers. 

* All items have been created/saved at a maximum resolution of 300ppi for the best print quality
* All papers in this kit come in .jpg format, compatible with all software
* All rub-ons in this kit come in transparent .png format, compatible with all software


This full kit has been separated into 4 zip files to give you greater ease in downloading. Please be sure to download all the zips to get the full kit.

This is a digital download product. No actual bugs nor papers will be sent to your doorstep. ;)

liv.edesigns Lil Bugaboo Kit - All the delicious papers and handpainted rub-ons!

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