{ liv.e simply collection vol.1 } Offset Frames

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I am a big believer in the simple life. I love that, just as a huge tree grows from the tiny mustard seed, it's usually the simplest things that can get our creative juices flowing. So I have come up with the Liv.E simply Collection, where each item is deliberately kept simple so that your creativity can shine forth!

With my Offset Frames, the very first volume in this series, you'll get a huge pack of 36 frames, with 9 different designs in four versions: black, white, completely transparent, and "pre-masked." They come in different sizes and shapes, some small and others large enough to cover the length or width of your layout. I've also included instructions in the kit to help you use these in the fastest and easiest way!

These are perfect to use for framing your extra-special photos, or to call attention to a part of your photo. Or you can also use them to frame your journaling... LOADS of possibilities! Amazing to use because of their versatility and simplicity, these Offset Frames have been designed to work with any kind of style (use on their own for simple layouts with lots of white space... or pile on the embellies and use these to call attention to the most special area of your layouts. You can be sure that these Offset Frames will add quiet class to your layouts and creations!

* all items created at 300ppi

* all items come in .png format

{ liv.e simply collection vol.1 } Offset Frames

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