My Paintbox Vol. 3 - Drybrushes (Brushes & Rub-Ons)

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I love brushes, and I love paint, so it must be no surprise that I've combined both passions in one product that is now yours to play with and create awesome works of art!

My Paintbox Vol. 3 - Drybrushes brings you more of my favorite brushes that I personally work with. Painted on real canvas with real paint, each of these rub-ons and brushes has been scanned and lovingly extracted with full attention to detail so that you get all of that amazing realism, quickly and easily, without having to bother with rinsing out paint palettes and paintbrushes in real life! If you play with different blending modes and opacity levels, there is no end to the amazing variety of artwork that you can create with this set!

My Paintbox Vol. 3 comes with 10 rub-ons in black (very easy to recolor) and 10 rub-ons in their original classic colors, and in a complete .abr brush file that allows you to stamp in whatever size and color you desire. These brushes are also varied in size, ranging from small all the way to huge! And they're guaranteed to give you that amazing texture you get from painting with a nearly dry brush.

Here's to all the amazing art that you're sure to create with this third set of paintbrush strokes made with my very own paintbox!

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* all items have been saved at a maximum resolution of 300ppi for the best print quality

* all rub-ons come in .png format (compatible with practically all programs)

* all brushes come in a complete .abr file



My Paintbox Vol. 3 - Drybrushes (Brushes & Rub-Ons)

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