Paper Swirlies

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just love swirlies! They're the perfect way to add movement and energy to a layout, combining both a touch of softness and quirkiness and overall fun!

Here's a huge pack of 28 kraft-paper swirly cutouts, all infused with my usual style of added texture and dimension! You'll get fourteen (14) individual, different designs, in simple and pre-shadowed versions. Use the pre-shadowed versions when you want to satisfy that swirly craving quickly and effortlessly! Use the simple versions when you want to add your own shadows (or even use them as clipping masks! Aha! There's an idea! ;) ). Or combine the different simple versions to come up with even more infinite creative possibilities! The swirly world is yours to conquer!

* all items created at 300ppi

* all items are shown on preview in actual size on a 12x12 layout



Paper Swirlies

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