Pintalpha Fontina - Hand-drawn Font

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Equal parts fun and playful and oh-so-terribly cute, Pintalpha Fontina is an authentic hand-drawn sans serif font that's perfect for adding charm and joy to all of your creations! 

Pintalpha Fontina is the little cousin of my Pintalpha Handpainted Alpha Rub-Ons & Brush Set. You'll be getting a super-complete handdrawn font which includes all the letters, numbers, and basic punctuation of the alphabet PLUS a load of special characters too. You'll get various international monetary symbols (Dollar, Euro, even Peso symbols), em-dashes and en-dashes, and even Spanish letters and punctuation marks... and more!

Pintalpha Fontina comes to you as a True Type Font (.TTF) file that's compatible with all software, so you can use it on everything!

I've also included a special cheatsheet with the list of all the special characters and instructions on how to get them to show up on your creations. This is easily available via a google-search online, of course, but I thought it would be really nice to have a cheatsheet at hand too!


  • Hand-drawn alphas are all the rage right now! I've drawn each letter, number, and symbol by hand, and then carefully and lovingly extracted each and turned the whole collection into a font.
  • The characters in this font pack are smaller than usual so that they are perfectly clear and legible even at the teeny-tiniest size all the way to extra-large sizes.
  • We use words all the time and on everything! So you can totally use Pintalpha Fontina on everything, from your journaling on your layouts, text overlays on your photos, cards, art journaling works, Word documents, and... well, pretty much everything really. Now isn't that awesome?

This font coordinates perfectly with my Pintalpha Handpainted Alpha Rub-Ons & Brushes, which you can grab HERE! (So you can do wordart and titles with Pintalpha and then journal with Pintalpha Fontina... or use them separately too). If you want to grab both at a super bundle-special price, you can get that special deal right HERE too!

This is a digital download product; no actual font will be appearing at your doorstep. :)


Pintalpha Fontina - Hand-drawn Font

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