Roundabout Photo Masks & Labels

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With my Roundabout Photo Masks and Labels, you can now blend your photos and even your paper accents beautifully and naturally with just one click (an alt-click on your clipping mask ;)).

There are 12 unique and individual circular masks with some yummy grunge. Each one has been hand-created and scanned, then lovingly extracted so that you get absolutely REAL grunge! The masks measure between 3-5 inches (though as always, these are incredibly easy to resize to fit your specific needs) and come in black (transparent-background) .png files.

And because versatility and having options is a great thing, I've also included 12 pre-measured circular labels to go with your photo masks if you wish!

I hope you have a super time playing with these masks on your creations!


  • If you want your masks to blend naturally on your page, resist the urge to apply any drop shadows to them. Wink
  • Experiment with different blending modes. Layer masks to get a different look too!
  • Use the masks for your photos or for your accents.
  • ALT-click in between your photo or accent layer and the mask layer to clip your item to the mask perfectly.

* all items saved at 300ppi for maximum print resolution

* all photo masks and circular labels are in black .png format (with transparent background)

Roundabout Photo Masks & Labels

Product Reviews

Written by Carol Wehner on 25th Mar 2015

Great for photo masks!

I am working on a series of themed pages and utilizing a template for speed. It's a simple process for me to replace the photo mask in the template with one of these for a new look to each page without changing my page theme. Love!