Swirdles Stamps & Brush Set

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Have you ever looked at your layout and thought, "it looks perfect... I just need a finishing touch" ? Enter my Swirdles Stamps & Brush Set!

Here are 17 extra-large swirdles (they're swirly doodles... or doodly swirls!), designed to give your layouts and creations that perfect finishing touch! They come in both .png and .abr versions (ready for you to stamp in the exact color you wish). The .png versions are almost all sized to fit 12x12 layouts (so you can change them to smaller sizes and still retain that crisp, clean look). The brush versions are sized at approximately 2500px.

Get yourself some Swirdles today and enjoy their magic finishing touch!

* all items created at 300 ppi

* all items have been greatly reduced in size for preview purposes only

Swirdles Stamps & Brush Set

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