Tagged for Life - Real Cloth Tags

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Whenever I buy new goodies, I confess to having an almost-funny obsession with checking out the tags that come with them. I love tags! And I love cloth tags with a passion! So I suppose it's no surprise that I would find a way to turn cloth tags into their digital versions!

Now you can pump up the authentic feel of your layouts, creations, and projects with this pack of 24 cloth tags in three basic neutral colors. They're absolutely real—scanned and extracted with love and devotion, just for you! ;) There are 7 sets of tags in 3 colors each, and each tag has a string tie, stitches and frayed edges, and the most versatile of labels so you can use them for almost everything! Best of all, I've included an additional set of tags that I've left blank so that you can customize these with your own labels (or even leave them blank, if you wish!). I've also kept them at a fairly large size so that you have all the freedom to increase or decrease their size as you need.

No drop shadows have been included on the tags (except for the stitches) so that you can choose whether to orient them vertically or horizontally on your pages, and then add your own drop shadows to taste.

I hope you enjoy using these cool cloth tags as much as I enjoyed creating them for you!

* all items have been saved at a maximum resolution of 300ppi for the best print quality

* all tags are in (transparent) .png format

Tagged for Life - Real Cloth Tags

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