Totally Circled RubOns

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Here's a huge pack of 24 superlative rub-ons! Each rub-on is about 8 inches long, so that you can easily make it smaller without losing quality. These rub-ons come in two basic designs, one with expressions ready-made for you (just slap them on your layouts with glee!) and one left half-blank for you to customize with your own "totally" words!

Each pack also comes in lighter, clean versions and in darker, grungy versions (All of them work well with light and dark papers, with different interesting effects!). I've left the middle circle-within-a-circle slightly translucent to add a touch of whimsy to your layouts!

Hope you "totally" enjoy using these rub-on circles!

* all items created at 300ppi

* items come in .png format only

Totally Circled RubOns

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