Washi All About - Lilac Tapes

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Have I mentioned how I love tape? :)

Washi All About - Lilac is the second in a series of washi tapes, which are Japanese masking tapes made of rice paper. I hand-tore each one of these and extracted them with love so that we can bring all that wonderful hand-crafty goodness to our digital creations!

In this gigantic pack, you'll find a total of 72 strips of washi tape. These come in 12 individual designs (5 short, 5 long, and 2 crumpled) and in two sets: opaque and semi-opaque.

Each strip of tape comes in three versions: simple, pre-shadowed, and curved.

Use them to attach your journaling notes, stick your photos, or hold down your elements! Use them individually or layer them one on top of the other. Use them in clusters. Combine them with the Blush Tapes too (the colors coordinate perfectly!). Write on them! The possibilities are endless, so let your creative spirits soar!

* all items come in .png format

* all items have been scanned at high resolution and set at 300ppi for maximum printing quality

Washi All About - Lilac Tapes

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