You Are [ Quickpage Album ]

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It's always a great gift to let someone know how special they are and how much you appreciate and love them. You Are is a concept album that allows you to do just that, and with the least amount of effort. All you need to do is write your journaling, drop in your photos, and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done in no time at all!

In this complete package, you get twenty-four 8x8-inch inside page spreads all set up for you (files are numbered and arranged so that they match up perfectly as you create your album) and, of course, the cover that comes with it! Twelve journaling pages come in .jpeg format so that all you need to do is add in your text; twelve photo pages come in .png format which allow you to pull in your photo onto a new layer under the .png file. I've arranged and numbered these pages so that each journaling page perfectly complements another photo page. Additionally, they are color-coded, so if you wish to jumble things up and do a mix-and-match, you have that option at your fingertips too.

Here are additional features that come with the album quickpages:

  • realistic paint splashes, swashes, splatters, and stains
  • "You are" paper labels attached with paper clips
  • lined notebook paper (for journaling)
  • paint-smudged photo frames
  • staples that attach frames to the background papers
  • ready-made doodles on the journaling pages
  • built-in drop shadows for ultimate realism

You Are: It's a terrific way to create the perfect tribute (and the perfect gift!) for those whom you hold near and dear!

You Are [ Quickpage Album ]

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