Newsboys Collection

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Newsboys Element Pack is perfect for delivering the latest news about your life events! Since I was a kid, I have intrigued by the story of the Newsboys Strike of 1899. The story of young kids standing up for themselves and defending themselves from tyranny and oppression is compelling. Over the years, the story has only intrigued me more. Recently, my daughter was in a play depicting a fictionalized version of these events. Whether you're reading actual accounts or watching a fictionalized version of events, the lessons of individual worth, standing up for the little guy, and protecting children are just as strong. These papers were created in beautiful earthy tones with layers and layers of gorgeous textures. From the Brooklyn Bridge to an adorable newsboy cap to quotes from Kid Blink, you'll love this kit!

Newsboys newspaper-style templates are perfect for delivering the latest news about your life events! Did you win a big sporting event, open a new play, grow a pumpkin the size of your head, or simply survive another crazy week? These templates can help you celebrate all your newsworthy achievements.

12 - 12x12 patterned papers in jpg format | 12 - 12x12 solid papers in jpg format
74 - embellishments in png format, 38 are word strip or word art pieces
1 - uppercase alpha, numbers 0-9, some symbols & punctuation
2 - 12x12 templates in psd, tiff, png and page formats.


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Newsboys Collection

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