Summer Brunch Basket

SummerBrunchBasket by TammyCirceo 1

Hello friends! Tammy Circeo from the design team showing up on your doorstep with a tasty summer brunch basket.

Summer brings a bounty of delicious fruits and vegetables giving us ample options for fresh and healthy meals. It is a great time to slow down and share weekend brunch with neighbors and friends. The Homegrown Collection by Echo Park gave me lots of ideas for decorating a breakfast basket that is perfect for sharing!

Let’s first talk about slowing down. This project slowed me down immensely in that my printer chose not to print the colors the designer intended. I finally decided that my local Staples could do the work for me. So I created 8½ x 11 files in Photoshop and put in several elements and created a couple of rectangles using various papers, loaded them onto a disk and headed to the Town Center.

SummerBrunchBasket by TammyCirceo2

Thirty minutes later, I was on the road to recovery and took a huge sigh of relief. I intentionally put more elements in than I would use so I had to choose how to use them.

I was inspired by a recipe my Dutch-baby-loving daughter told me about … Blueberry Dutch Baby with Lemon Curd. She and I quickly came to the idea of a brunch basket. I put the dry ingredients for the Dutch Baby in a bag and tied it up with tissue paper and a tag.

SummerBrunchBasket by TammyCirceo3

A BRUNCH basket can hold a lot of stuff, though! Why not make the Lemon Curd ahead of time and include it in the basket? Of course, with another lovely tag!

SummerBrunchBasket by TammyCirceo4

How can you have brunch without bacon? Seriously. Wrap up a package of bacon in some kraft wrapping paper or some unbleached waxed paper, tie it with kitchen twine and put a pig medal on it. How cute is that?

SummerBrunchBasket by TammyCirceo5

And eggs, of course, to make the Dutch Baby and to scramble besides. They should always be farm fresh, don’t you think?

SummerBrunchBasket by TammyCirceo6

Add in a few personal touches, like a package of your favorite coffee beans, a quart of milk, some extra lemons, a copy of the recipe to make the Dutch Baby …

SummerBrunchBasket by TammyCirceo7

I finished the basket off with a banner because I’m a little banner-crazed. I used some of the banner pieces offered in the elements files and used pop-dots to adhere the cut-out lemons. I also used the “Happy” word art and put them on the floral circles with pop dots. My centerpiece was the framed quote, “These are a few of my favorite things.”

But, really, they are.

SummerBrunchBasket by TammyCirceo8

And because I know you’re salivating at the thought of a Blueberry Dutch Baby with Lemon Curd, I've created a PDF for you to download  below so you can enjoy it just as much as we have!

Blueberry Dutch Baby Recipe Card



  • Homegrown kit by EchoPark
  • I used the following from the Homegrown Kit: Alpha (recolored), Banner2, BlueRibbon, BlueTag, FarmFresh, Lemon, Happy, Floral Label, FavoriteThings, eph_homegrown_pp1-8, eph_homegrown_pp1-2, eph_homegrown_pp2-6
  • Printer or copy store
  • Scissors
  • Kitchen twine, baker’s twine, jute, string, ribbon – anything you like to tie on tags or wrap the ingredients
  • Pop dots
  • A basket (or other suitable gift container)
  • Containers for recipe ingredients
  • Kraft wrapping paper, natural waxed paper, butcher paper, or tissue
  • Crop-A-Dile for punching holes for threading the twine, jute, or ribbon