Needs + Wants: Eyelets Galore 02

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My Needs+Wants Collection is made up of all the digital schtuff you need and want, all those essential supplies that you find yourself searching for again and again. But not anymore, because the search is over! :D

Eyelets Galore 01 contains almost a hundred eyelets (96 to be exact) in twelve different almost-monochromatic color collections. The Robin's Nest Set contains my favorite color combination of robin's egg blue, dark brown, and ivory. The Pearl Set brings you colored eyelets with the beautiful rich sheen of deep-sea pearls. The Italian Villa Set mimics the mediterranean magic of the Italian countryside, and the Metallica Set brings you vivid shiny colors full of exciting possibilities!

In big, medium, small, and tiny sizes, you get these eyelets in simple and pre-shadowed versions too!

I hope you enjoy having these essential supplies in your digital go-to box! Don't forget to check out all the other essential goodies in the Needs+Wants Collection! (Check out the Related Products tab).

* all items created from real eyelets that have been painstakingly and lovingly extracted to give you all that real goodness

* all items are created at 300ppi for superior print quality

* all items are in .png format

NOTE: To use individual eyelets from each set, simply use your marquee tool to select your eyelet of choice. Hit ctrl-C / cmd-C to copy, then on your document file, hit ctrl-V / cmd-V to paste, and position your eyelet as you wish. Voila! :D

Needs + Wants: Eyelets Galore 02

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