Needs + Wants: Strings Galore Vol. 2

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My Needs+Wants Collection is made up of all the digital schtuff you need and want, all those essential supplies that you find yourself searching for again and again. But not anymore, because the search is over! :D

Strings Galore Vol. 2 contains 54 more extra-large strings (super-easy to resize if you need smaller versions), in basic colors and in simple, pre-shadowed, and lifted versions. So versatile, you'll use them again and again for stringing stuff, for your clusters, for leading the eye to your focal point... really, for just about anything! They're super-fun to play with, and I hope you have a wonderful time with them!

I hope you enjoy having these essential supplies in your digital go-to box! Don't forget to check out all the other essential goodies in the Needs+Wants Collection! (Check out the Related Products tab).

* all items are created at 300ppi for superior print quality

* all items are in .png format



Needs + Wants: Strings Galore Vol. 2

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