Needs + Wants: Frame Basics - Black & White

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We love to document our lives and loves, and we love to take photos... no wonder, then, that we almost always find ourselves in need of some solid, basic, great frames. Look no further, because this pack of Frame Basics - Black and White is all you'll ever need!

In this pack, you'll get 24 deliciously-textured frames in basic black and white. The frames come in different sizes (3x3-in, 4x5 x 4x5-in, 4x6-in and 5x7-in). Each frame comes in simple, pre-shadowed, and lifted versions. Also included are layered TIFF files so that you can simply choose the layer of the particular frame you want and clip your photo to the photo mask. It doesn't get easier than that! :)

Please note: If you are interested in another cool pack of basic frame necessities, be sure to click on the Related Tabs. Also, both thisFrame Basics - Black and White and the Frame Basics - Keyline packs are available together in the Frame Basics - Full Pack at a lower price!

* All items are delivered to you at a maximum resolution of 300ppi for the best print quality.

* All frames come in individual transparent .PNG format.

* Frames also come in layered TIFF files, with photo masks for you to clip your photos to.

Needs + Wants: Frame Basics - Black & White

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