Needs + Wants: Stitchies Vol. 3 - Neutralities

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If you've ever searched for digital stitches that look so real, you almost want to reach out and touch them... your search ends here, because you've hit the gold mine! ;)

Stitchies Vol. 3 - Neutralities contains almost a hundred (98, to be exact) stitches which I have hand-sewn and then very carefully extracted with full attention to preserving the details and textures of the threads so that you get all that delicious authenticity of real stitches on your creations!

This volume comes in seven classic and super-elegant neutral colors, and in simple and pre-shadowed versions, so you can be sure that they'll coordinate with everything that's already in your stash. Plus they come in various sizes that are easy to resize to fit your needs as well. It's pretty safe to say that you'll definitely find yourself reaching for this again and again and again... :)

Enjoy this third volume in my Needs+Wants: Stitchies series! You may want to check out Stitchies Vol. 1 - The Crayon Box Collectionand Stitchies Vol. 2 - Spring Garden Collection for even more REAL stitchie goodness!

* all items are delivered to you in a maximum resolution of 300ppi for the best print quality

* all items come in .png format

* Colors included are: Winter Grey, White, Noir (Black), Ivory, Wheat, Chocolate (Brown), and Jute.

Needs + Wants: Stitchies Vol. 3 - Neutralities

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