Shadow Magic (Realistic Shadow Generator)

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Have you ever seen layouts that look so wonderfully realistic, you almost reached out to touch them? Have you worked hard at achieving the same look on your creations? Have you ever wished there was a magic button you could push, and all that wonderful realism would appear in an instant without your having to sweat over it?

Well, if you have, then today is the day your wishes come true! My Shadow Magic (Realistic Shadow Generator) does exactly that: with just a push of the button, you can achieve amazingly-realistic shadows for your creations without having to do intensive labor, because my action does all the work for you! And if you like to customize your shadows even further, you can absolutely do that, because my action allows you to tweak your shadows (like nudging and adding blur and more).

An awesome 3-part set of actions in one .atn file:

  • Shadow with Warp is a full action that gives a fabulously realistic shadow to your photos, elements, papers and more
  • Basic Shadow gives you shadows that are realistically colored and blend better with the background than the black default shadows
  • Shadow Warp Only gives superb realism to your shadows (if you like creating your own shadow "recipe" then this adds the magic when you're done with your shadow.)

It's simply amazing: check out the preview images and see what a huge difference realistic shadows make. Seriously, how can anyone not have this in their go-to arsenal? And now you can! :)

This action was designed to work in full-version Photoshop and has been tested in Photoshop CS2 and later versions. It has not been tested on Photoshop Elements, so please do not purchase this if you're not using Photoshop CC or CS2 or higher.

This is a digital download; no actual product will be shipped to you, the elements shown on the preview are not part of the download (they are there for preview purposes only)... and, sadly, no Peter Pan nor Lost Boys will be leaving their shadows on your window sill ;). But you'll be able to create awesome shadows that will wow everyone, including them! :)

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Product Reviews

Written by Lisa on 19th Sep 2014


Live.E does an amazing job at creating an action that gives you a realistic looking drop shadow. I always am looking for the drop shadow that looks the most realistic, without having to tweak it for hours. I think I have now found it.